Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hit Your Kid

Giving physical punishment to kids is banned in 47 counties. And corporal punishment in schools is banned in 124 counties. Yet, there are quite a number of the parents who never stop physically punishing their kids.

The voice against physical punishment to kids has been raised from past several years. The people who advocate avoiding punishments include psychiatrists, parents and social researchers. According to Dr. Peter Newell from End Punishment of Children (EPOCH), “all people have the right to protection of their physical integrity, and children are people too.

Having that said, it would be worth mentioning some reasons why hitting your kid is the worst thing you can do when it comes to parenting.

It installs aggression in kids

When the children are hit in terms of punishment, they learn to hit others. Research shows direct relationship between corporal punishment and development of aggressive behavior in children. When they enter teenage, they are more aggressive and violent because emotions at teenage are usually surging. So, you need to keep in mind that children learn and imitate what their parents would do. Hence, if you want your children to get positive behavior developed inside them, you will need to avoid hitting them.

Children show bad behavior because they are unfulfilled

When a child is hungry or not having enough sleep, it can result in tantrums and whining. So, you strictly need to avoid punishing your child if he/she is showing ‘bad behavior’ due to these reasons. In fact, what your child needs at the moment is empathy and love along with the fulfillment of inner resources. Empathy is for the purpose of acknowledging those big feelings which are causing your child to whine.

Punishment inhibits learning ability

Children remain excellent learners unless they are stopped from learning. Now, you may wonder why you would stop your kid from learning. Well, most of the parents do it unknowingly by punishing the kids for making mistakes. For instance, if you want your kid to do his homework properly and on time, you shouldn’t punish him if he fails to do so. In fact, you can empathically ask your kid about the reason and be friendly to him while helping him sorting out the problem. This way, the child will work hard to perform well.

It can ruin the relationship

Now this one is big. Most of the parents of teenagers complain about their children being highly uncooperative, and sometimes even threatening. This usually happens due to the lost connection between parents and children. And if you ask psychologists about the most common reasons, they would mention punishment to children as the quicker and most effective recipe to destroy connection between parents and children.

Spanking can be dangerous

Many parents consider spanking on the lower back as the safest way to punish the kids. However, the facts are quite contrary to this misconception. When a child is spanked on the area of lower spine, it produces dangerous distress signals which travel through the spine to the back of the head. It’s so dangerous that it can paralyze the kid.


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